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Chapter Officer Leadership Training (COLT)

See Utah FFA Association Calendar of Events for date/location
Chapter Officer Leadership Training provides training specifically for FFA chapter officer teams but other members such as junior officers or committee chairs that advisors feel will benefit are welcome. Three dates/locations are offered during the summer months (generally July). Two camps are generally offered as an overnight format, start at 1:00 p.m. day one end at 11:00 a.m. day two. One camp is generally offered as a one day format 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. One camp will is offered in southern Utah, one in central Utah and one in northern Utah. Registration materials for the camps will be added to the website and sent to FFA chapters in early May.

Dates and locations for the 2014 COLT camps are:
Northern COLT - Eden- July ???, 201
One Day COLT - Spanish Fork - July ??, 2015
Southern COLT - Cedar City - July ??, 2015

CO-OP Quiz - Utah Council of Farmer Cooperatives - October ??, 2015
(2014 Participant Results)

See Utah FFA Association Calendar of Events for date/location
The Utah Council of Farmer Cooperatives conducts the annual FFA Co-op Quiz generally in early October (exact date/time/location will be announced when available).  A maximum of three members from each chapter are encouraged to compete for cash scholarships of $150.00, $100.00 and $50.00 to the top three scoring individuals.  In addition the top scoring individual is offered a scholarship to attend the FFA Washington Leadership Conference during the following summer.  The scholarship is for travel & registration expenses up to $1,000.00.

Chapter awards are also presented.   The scores of all individuals from a chapter will be added together and cash prizes of $150.00, $100.00 and $50.00 will be presented to the chapter with the best combined scores.

There is NO COST for the Co-op Quiz or the Awards Banquet courtesy of the Utah Council of Farmer Cooperatives. This is a great opportunity to meet with many of the leaders in agriculture from our state.

The Co-op Quiz is written and administered by Dr. Ruby Ward, USU Applied Economics Department.  She is eager to help any and all chapters prepare for the quiz.  Study materials for the quiz include old tests (available from Dr. Ward) and the following from the USDA Rural Development Website:  http://www.rurdev.usda.gov  At the following URL:  http://www.rurdev.usda.gov/rbs/pub/pubcat.htm

The specific sections generally used for the quiz are:

CIR 14 "What Co-op Directors Do"

CIR-35 "Understanding Capper-Volstead"

CIR 45 Section 2 "Cooperative Business Principals"

CIR 45 Section 3 "The Structure of Cooperatives"

CIR 45 Section 14 "How to Start a Cooperative"

CIR-60 "Agricultural Cooperatives in the 21st Century"

PAST QUIZZES WITH ANSWERS -- 2009 PDF or Word - 2010 PDF or Word - 2011 PDF or Word - 2012 PDF or Word - 2013 PDF or Word

National FFA Convention - October 28 - Oct 31, 2015

The National FFA Convention is held annually in October.  Currently the convention is held in Indianapolis, IN.  For the best available information please check out National FFA Organization website at: www.ffa.org
The Utah FFA Association offers a travel package each year but chapters are NOT required to travel with the Association and are free to make all of their own arrangements.

Snow College FFA Field Day - October ??, 2015

See Utah FFA Association Calendar of Events for date/location
This activity is not planned, conducted or supervised by the Utah FFA Association officers or staff.

Snow College FFA Field Day is an invitational event offered to all FFA chapters by the Snow College Badger Ag Club.  The date will be posted as soon as it is available but is generally the second or third Tuesday in October.  Complete registration details and forms will be provided by Snow College and are generally sent in early September.  The following competitive events are generally offered:

Agricultural Mechanics Contest
Agronomy Contest - STATE CONTEST **(2013 Study Info)
------------------------ Past AgronomyTests - (2007) - (2010) - (2011) - (2012) - (2014)
------------------------Agronomy ID Slide Shows - (Crops) - (Equipment) - (Insect)
Dairy Cattle Judging
Farm Business Management Contest
Floriculture Contest
Horse Judging
Land/Soils Judging - STATE CONTEST **(2013 Study Info)
Livestock Judging
Range Evaluation - STATE CONTEST **(2014 Study Info)

The three events designated as “State Contests” are the state level events for the Utah FFA Association.  The winning team in the Agronomy Contest represents Utah at the National FFA Convention competition.  The Land/Soils and the Range contests are not recognized by the National FFA Organization but a national competition is conducted annually in Oklahoma.


Utah FFA Association Area Contests

Each of the 10 Areas in the Utah FFA Association conducts the Area Contest in January. Download the current year's Area Information, including the Area Chair, FFA Advisory Board Member and Area Contest Date/Location by clicking here: (2014-15 Area Information).

All Area Contest results and award applications must be DELIVERED to the State Executive Secretary by Feb 1 of the current year. - (Click Here to download the Area Contest Results Report Form)

Competitions conducted at the Area Contests include:
Creed Speaking CDE
Parliamentary Procedure CDE
Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE
Prepared Public Speaking CDE
American FFA Degree
State Star Awards
State Star Greenhand Awards
State FFA Degree
Proficiency Awards

Utah FFA Association State Convention - March 12-14, 2015

2013-14 Convention Awards & Recognition Summary - (Click Here)

2012-13 Convention Awards & Recognition Summary - (Click Here)

Competitions conducted at the annual convention include:
Creed Speaking CDE
Parliamentary Procedure CDE - Past Tests for Examples and Practice ONLY - (09-10) - (10-11) - (11-12) - (12-13) - (13-14)
Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE - Past Topics for Examples & Practice ONLY - (09-10) - (10-11) - (11-12) - (12-13)
Prepared Public Speaking CDE
Job Interview CDE -
Chapter Records Contest
Chapter Display Contest
Agriscience Fair - (2014-15 State Convention Information Packet)
Superior Chapter Award
Five Star Chapter Award

The following award competitions are completed and presented to students:
American FFA Degree
State Star Awards
State Star Greenhand Awards
State FFA Degree
Intermountain Farmers Association Scholarship
Western AgCredit Scholarship
Utah Council of Farmer Cooperatives Scholarship
State Proficiency Awards

Awards and recognition are given to FFA Partners for the following:
Honorary State FFA Degree
Blue and Gold Service Award
Distinguished Service

Additionally State FFA Officer selection takes place and state and constitutional business is conducted by the Official Chapter Delegates.

Utah Leadership Conference Dec ??, 2015

See current year Utah FFA Association Calendar of Events for date/location

The Utah Leadership Conference is a high energy, personal and leadership skills development conference for FFA members.  Two conferences are generally conducted usually on the first two Friday/Saturdays in December.  The conference has two different curriculum tracks, "Greenhand" track for freshman & sophomore members and the "Advanced" track for sophomore and junior members who have already attended the Greenhand Track.  All participants will come away from the conference having gained skills that will be useful to them not only in the FFA but for the rest of their life experiences.  Mingle with FFA members from all over the state as well as your State FFA Officers and fantastic presenters.  Watch for registration packets and details in October.

State FFA Career Development Events - April 21-22, 2015 - (2014 Results)

The State Career Development Events are held each year in Logan, UT at Utah State University and Bridgerland Applied Technology College.

The following events are conducted:

Agricultural Communications - (2015 CDE Info)
Agricultural Issues Forum - (2015 CDE Info)
Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems- (2015 CDE Info) - (2012 Written Exam Sample)
Agricultural Sales - (2015 CDE Info) - (2015 Product Summary Sheet Example) - (Past Tests)
Dairy Cattle Evaluation - (2014 CDE Info) - (Sample Scantron)
Farm Business Management - (2014 CDE Info)
Floriculture - (2015 CDE Info) - (Sample Test) - (Sample Scantron)
Forestry - (2015 CDE Info) - (Test Bank) - (Chainsaw Safey Guide) - (Equipment & Parts ID) - (Wildlife TSI Practises)
Food Science and Technology - (2014 Schedule) - (Sample Packet) - (Sample Scantron)
Horse Evaluation - (2014 CDE Info) - (Sample Scantron)
Livestock Evaluation - see CDE Update for Info - (Sample Scantron)
Marketing Plan - (2015 CDE Info)
Meats Evaluation and Technology - (CDE Info) (Sample Scantron) - (Past Tests)
Milk Quality & Products - see CDE Update for Info - (Sample Scantron) - (Past Tests)
Nursery/Landscape - (2015 CDE Info) - (Sample Test) - (Sample Scantron)
Poultry Evaluation - (2014 CDE Info) - (Sample Scantron) - (Past Test)
Veterinary Science - (2014 CDE Info) - (ID Score Sheets)

The winning teams in each of these events represent Utah at the National FFA CDE held at the National FFA Convention.  All events are planned and conducted as closely as possible to the rules in the National FFA Organization Career Development Events Handbook.  Specific state differences are listed in the Utah FFA Association Chapter Guide to State FFA Activities and are published each year by the State FFA Executive Secretary.

Utah State Fair - 10-20, 2015

For the most current information on the Utah State Fair please go to their website at:  http://www.utah-state-fair.com

Opportunities to compete at the State Fair include the:
4-H and FFA Junior Livestock Show
FFA Crops and Agricultural Mechanics Entries
Beef, Sheep, Swine, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit and Cavy Shows

The Utah FFA Association runs the Utah State Fair Little Hands on the Farm Display.  Two FFA chapters per day are asked to provide 10 members each to run this outstanding display.  State FFA officers and staff help with the display.  Contact the State FFA Executive Secretary to sign up for a shift at Little Hands on the Farm.

Other Agricultural Organizations Event Announcements

Utah Yourth Pork Academy - April 12, 2014 (Flyer & Reg)

Chapter Event Announcements