When talking about cosmetic dentistry, you might not know exactly what that entails. We are going to talk about some of the different cosmetic dental procedures that are commonly used to improve the appearance of your smile. First, we must discuss what cosmetic dentistry is.

Unlike standard dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry is primarily concerned with how your smile looks. When you go in for your initial consult, your dentist will ask you a variety of questions all regarding what you do/don’t like about your smile and what you would like to see improved.

Cosmetic_Dentistry_and_Corrective_BracesWhat Procedures Are Recognized as Cosmetic Dentistry?

Corrective Teeth Whitening

The most common of these would have to be tooth whitening. Just like it sounds, tooth whitening procedures are used to make your smile shiny and bright like new. There are a number of different methods used to make your teeth whiter than they currently are.

Cosmetic Boding

Bonding, when utilized with the connotation of dentistry, stands for a material that is added or ‘bonded’ to your tooth. This is primarily applied when there is a misshapen tooth, or when you are looking to change the shape of a number of teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers have become notably popular. Mostly due to the stunning appearance they can give your smile. These can be perfect for issues with chipped or cracked teeth. They can cover and hide gaps in between your teeth and even cover yellow teeth providing you with a brighter grin.

Surgical Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental_Fillings_for_Cosmetic_DentistryRestorative Fillings

These aren’t just used for filling cavities that have developed on the tooth. They can give you a more attractive smile by eliminating the harsh and noticeable depressions on your teeth. They actually offer fillings in a variety of different colors. That means that no matter what color your current teeth are, there is a shade that will match your smile.

Dental Implants

These are used to completely replace a damaged or rotted tooth that is beyond repair. They removed the decayed tooth down to the root and then install the new implant down to the root to ensure it won’t come out.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Orthodontics

Corrective Braces

Dental braces are extremely common and can be applied all throughout your lifetime to help straighten a crooked grin. This can be utilized for more than just the application of straighter teeth. This can be a great option for those who have critically crowded teeth that cause discomfort. Impacted teeth can cause serious pain and damage to the tooth near the embedded area.

Plastic Retainers

These are usually applied for those who don’t want the appearance of braces. Extremely helpful for those later on in life who still want a straighter smile but not the look that braces provide. For people who are interested in straighter teeth but do not want the stigma that comes with brackets, these are a pleasant alternative.

These procedures are used for more than just cleaning and upkeep. If you aren’t happy with your smile, then maybe it’s time that you looked into cosmetic dentistry. Start smiling again.