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Commonly-Used Free Website Plugins and Their Functions

Plugins are software added into the web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox adding to their functionality. Examples are the Adobe Flash Player and security plugins for Firefox.
Website plugins as well add functionality to the websites. Some examples are galleries for images, social media feeds and contact forms.
We have presented in the following paragraphs the specific functions of plugins and common examples for you to choose. These may help you in selecting plugins best suit for your websites.

html plugins for websitesFunctions of Plugins

Plugins offer different plugins adding functionality to your websites. You can download and install free and customizable design plugins for your sites.
Conversation Booster. A plugin can boost conversion of a website. If you are into e-commerce, this is very important. These software plugins and widgets are an essential support to increase the percentage of visitors that lead to sales or subscription.

The increase of followers. A plugin can also help websites increase its followers as well as sustain it. These followers may become loyal and will eventually develop into repeat buyers and subscribers.
Collection of information. There are website plugins that can gather essential information. This information is vital for decision making.
Visitors engagement. Sustained visitors are essential for business success. These plugins help engage visitors in increasing site traffic and makes them revisit the page and increases their dwell time. This will be an added point for your page’s SEO ranking in SERP.


Customer support. Customer support and service has a tremendous role in business success. This will create sales and loyal customer. Plugins can make this work easier and simpler for you.
Other plugins include Vst 0.78, Jquery, Joomla and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

List of Commonly-Used Free Website Plugins

We have presented here the list of free website plugins that you can use.
Plugins for boosting conversions include: Form builder, Countdown timer, Pop-up, Paypal button, Chat, eCommerce, Hit counter, Price table, Notification bar, Button, Order Form and Plan Comparison plugins.
Available free website plugins to get more followers include galleries for Media, Flickr, photos, Vimeo, video, and YouTube; Feeds for Twitter, Instagram, RSS, Pinterest, and Facebook; icons for Social Media; Microblog; Multi slider; and mailing list plug ins.
There are also add ons that collect information including Form Builder, Popup, Chat, Job Board Reviews, Poll and Survey plugins.
If you want to make the visitors engage, you may use the following plugins: Popup, Multi Slider, Hit Counter, Map, Comment, Weather, Music Player, File Embed, Menu, Banner Slider, About Us, Graph, Video Slider, Image Slider, Photo Editor and Resume plugin.
Form Builder, Chat, FAQ, Tabs, Comments, Contact Forms, Reviews Plugins are for customer support.

security plugins for firefoxStart Using Plugins Today!

Feel free to visit and check their free website plugins library for your plugin and other tools needs to improve your websites. POWr has available add-ons for platforms like WordPress, Weebly, Html plugins for websites and many others. POWr offers great plugins features for your customer’s great, wonderful browsing experience.
Do not waste time, start using plugins today and improve your websites now.

Choosing the Best Scheduling Software

Many business startups such as salons usually find it difficult to manage their bookings especially if consumer reception is warmer than they expected. This situation often happens as the demands become too high and with their limited workforce, assistants who schedule reservations are forced to perform more immediate on-site tasks. Due to these setbacks, a possible solution to this problem is using the best salon scheduling software. Business software is developed based on the specific needs of business, and with the rising trend among technopreneurs, many businesses have now opted on using a system for easier business management. The management system is particularly useful for hospitality oriented businesses like salons.

Why Use a Management Software?

While much generic software can get a job done, a specialized system can do the work more efficiently! For salons which operate based on bookings, the best salon scheduling software can help them manage schedules in labor and bookings, which in turn can help them generate positive responses from their customers.

Establishing this relationship with the customers helps salons gain consumer trust and stick with their operational branding, further causing a  constant inflow of income. With these at hand, most salons may want to consider the personalized system, made especially for them by software engineers, however, doing so is costly. Therefore, using the pre-made system for salon scheduling is more ideal, and choosing the best one from the market is crucial.

Beauty salon scheduling softwareStandard Features of Scheduling Software

Business owners decide which software to use based on the services that they want to cover. Like any other purchase, owners must first consider which services they want to avail and at what cost. Of course, reviews from blogs and other users are also helpful, but basic features which must be considered are:

(1) marketing

(2) Online Booking

(3) Retention

(4) Point of Sale

(5) Staff Resources and

(6) Administrator Functions.

Matching these features to the needs of your business is

important to ensure success.

Some Software Are Specialized in Certain Features

Many systems may contain all these features, but there are also systems which are extremely useful in delivering a particular type of service over others. For salon owners, determining the weakness in your current management system can help you prioritize which feature you would want to be maximized, and in turn, it can help you decide which salon scheduling software best works for your business. Most of the time, salons prioritize booking features because as mentioned earlier, salons operate through scheduled client bookings, similar to how a hotel room can be booked online.


Online booking systems through scheduling software have helped many salons manage their schedules, especially since many customers want to book certain services in advance to save time. The efficiency of these systems has helped many brands establish customer trust, and it has also helped them save a lot of resources. Before choosing a management system, determining the weakness of the current regime is crucial for a brand to maximize software services which can help them address these issues.

Choosing the Best Salon Scheduling Software

Salon Scheduling SoftwareAre you a salon owner? Do you have a receptionist who welcomes clients, walk-in appointments, and answers phone calls? Maybe you don’t currently have anybody to do these menial tasks. Maybe you take care of the billing, payment collection and take care of questions about salon products.

The best salon scheduling software can take care of the menial tasks you don’t have time for. Often, you are too busy to take phone calls in between the cuts, colors, and waxing. While running around the shop all day, you end up missing a couple of calls. Every time this happens you are losing money!

Scheduling Software ROI

How much are you losing every time you fail to pick up your phone? Let’s do the math. Granting that a customer pays on an average 100 bucks per visit and you miss one appointment call per day. In a month you will potentially miss out on 3,000 dollars profit. That’s more money than a small business owner can afford to lose.

You must search for a comprehensive, all-in-one system. It should be able to handle everything you need for scheduling appointments and managing your online calendar.

Schedule an appointment from anywhere

Some of the Features You Should Look For:

Cloud-based software can be accessed from your computer or your mobile device. With this type of software, you won’t need a receptionist in your salon dedicated to scheduling appointments. No matter where you are, you can view and alter your schedule.

Online client scheduling is valuable since a customer can book an appointment from their computer or mobile device. Nowadays people are on their phones or computers most of the time. If a client can schedule an appointment online, they don’t have to call to do it.

Your customer will also be able to make an appointment outside of your regular business hours. Offering this perk to your clients will give them the ability and flexibility to schedule an appointment on their time. You don’t need to talk to them about the scheduling process. This feature makes this the best type of system for you the business owner, and the customer.

Scheduling Staff

Another incredible benefit of this software is that you can manage the schedule of your stylist or employees. You can see their schedule for the day and the week. Your employees can also see their schedule from their mobile device. Not only will you and your customers be happier, but your staff will also be a lot more satisfied.

Point of Sale

There should be options for credit card integration with your software. When a client is ready to check out and pay for services and items bought from your salon, you can take their payment right from the software.

Inventory Management

You will know when you run out of a color or any supply or when somebody purchases a retail product. When you are low on a product, you can just send an order to the supplier, and upon receipt, it automatically updates on the system.

Text and Email Confirmation

The software can send email reminders and text messages to your clients. Notifications help to minimize no shows and save money.

Social Media Integration

It is important to have social media integration from different platforms like facebook, twitter, etc.

Comprehensive Report

You will be able to generate reports including financials from the system. You don’t need to compute sales, etc. manually.


It is evident all the reasons of why you should get scheduling software for your salon. Make your customers happy, make your staff more enthused, and take away stress in your life by purchasing the best salon scheduling software today.