Why a Sales Coaching Plan is Important

The success of any business is pegged to its marketing and sales team. Even if you have the best product, without skilled salespeople, no one gets to know how good your product is.

This is a situation that a ton of businesses online and offline find themselves in; where they cannot attract new customers or close deals and are losing business. It is possible with a team that is not coached.

Why is a sales coaching plan crucial to business development? Research has shown that well-coached sales representatives are better placed to close deals.

sales coaching plan


Is Coaching Really Important?


Each of the reps come to the business qualified and ready to sell. Because their resume says they are already skilled and ready to roll, the manager might assume coaching is not important.

But, do you have an idea what might happen to a team that is not coached? For starters, they do not acquire any new skills and neither do they develop the old ones.

They make the same mistakes in the field, and this ends up crippling the business leading to low profits.

In short, a business that does not coach its sales team risks making less money. But it is not too late to start. According to research, there are up to 73 percent of managers spending less than 5 percent of their time to coach reps.


Coaching vs. Managing vs. Training vs. Feedback


The manager’s basic responsibility is to manage – designating tasks and responsibilities to each of the reps and ensuring that these tasks are carried out.

However, this will have less to no results if the sales team cannot bring out the best of the products to be sold. Even the best managing plan can never improve the skills of the sales team.

Training refers to imparting specific skills, and it involves showing your sales team how to do a specific task.

Coaching, on the other hand, involves teaching your sales reps how to analyze situations and find solutions based on the tasks at hand.

Coaching targets management of the reps behaviors geared towards achieving impressive sales results.


Create a Sales Coaching Plan


Your reps may not come to you with a problem but will rather try and solve it themselves. This does not mean they are not facing challenges reaching out to buyers.

The numbers will not lie – look at how much they are selling vis a vis what the competitors are doing.


Telling your team that they have to make an effort and sell more is far away from the first step in coaching. You have to set goals for your reps and help them gain a results-oriented mindset. To coach:

  • Study the market and buyer behaviors
  • Identify weaknesses in your team
  • Develop personalized coaching plans
  • Evaluate and reinforce

highly effective sales teamCoaching Is Continuous


You can have a sales coaching plan that runs for a short time, but continuous reinforcing, evaluating and giving feedback is necessary.

Whenever there is a skills gap, you have to organize training that will enhance the skills of your sales and marketing team.

This continues for as long as the business exists and is a major way through which you can achieve a highly effective sales team and Training for Sales. Therefore, invest in coaching for your team.