How Often Should You Change Tires?

Some people say that having a car is a privilege, not a right. Well, those people probably don’t have kids to take to school while rain is pouring down and the school bus just called to inform you that it’s broken.

If you live in Canada, however, having a vehicle is definitely a necessity. Not just because of long rides that you and your family might take going ng on vacations, but also for those daily routine schedules like school and grocery.

 How Often Should You Change Tires

Tire Change

Finding the right set of tires might sound simple, right? You just go to the nearest shop get a tire change service and buy their cheapest batch. Not so fast (see what I did there?). Price is not the only category that should be on your mind.

Personally, the quality trumps price every single time. Would you risk your life and your families because you want to save a couple hundred bucks? Didn’t think so.

Before buying the tires, I suggest researching a bit before buying a set. Even an hour browsing through the advantages and disadvantages of each brand will go a long way to getting the best tires for your car and for your location. And why is location a category to consider when choosing tires? Continue reading.

Types of Roads

Different areas obviously have different types of roads. You are the expert in knowing what those roads are—the everyday trip to work, the bumpy road to the gym, and even the occasional climb up the rocky mountain. All of these terrains need to have a specific kind of tire or at least one that can survive everything.

Cement and asphalt roads are faster and need a thinner and more pliable material. Rainy days necessitate more complex treading to avoid slippage and skidding. Snow on the road? That would need a special kind of tire altogether. Whatever the kind of pavement (or non-pavement), it is critical to have good tires for each one.


Considering all that, tires still deteriorate and break down eventually. Even if you maintain it to the beat of your knowledge, check the PSI regularly, keep the wheel aligned and rotated every six months, a tire change service will eventually be needed, sooner or later.

Hopefully, the set you bought has the warranty that would last at least 2 years, as most shops offer. Some offer longer warranties but you may have to shell out a little bit more. But what do you do when your warranty expires and then your tires give up?

 Finding the Best Tire Change Service in Your Area

Get Connected

Of course, you can try to change the tires yourself. But most of us really don’t have the time and, dare I say it, don’t have the experience to actually do it? If not, then don’t risk destroying your wheels (and your ego), get a professional tire change service to do it.

Check your location for shops that have certified mechanics and the experience to back that up. Find one that has top-of-the-line equipment and tools. So research one now and be assured of great service when you need it… eventually.

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